Why you might need a CRM system

Why you might need a CRM system

Wondering why you might need a CRM system? Here is a quick read and link to an upcoming webinar from our friends at RainMaker and Salesforce.com.

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CRM Tips: 3 Reasons Government Contractors are Losing Business

2013 started with Sequestration, which resulted in immediate government spending cuts and projections of overall government spending to remain flat, or worse, decline, over the next 10 years.

To combat that challenge, many proactive government contractors took sequestration as a sign that times were changing and developed strategies and implemented processes to maximize efficiency and ultimately win more business.

Many government contractors still have not implemented a CRM application to help them successfully track and manage their new processes as well as continually evolve their business. This is important to note because even contractors with the most efficient processes still require a CRM to realize that efficiency. Without a CRM, they end up with the following challenges:

[fancy_link link=”http://blogs.salesforce.com/company/2013/11/government-contractors-crm.html”]Click here[/fancy_link] Read the complete write-up.

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